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We install restricted master key systems on commercial / residential premises in Surry Hills and Darlinghurst

A master key is a key that will open more than one lock.

In order for a master key to open several locks, each lock in question needs to have the master key combination keyed into it. In a master key system the combination of the master key will be present in all locks enabling access to all rooms, and the combination of an individual key, known as a change key, wil be keyed into specific rooms only. Depending on the size of the system there may be keys higher than the master key running through a single lock, for example, grand master key, or great grand master key. This configuration would be found in large organisations with multiple levels of management. If you are a medium to large commercial premises located in Surry Hills or Darlinghurst you may be eligible for a volume discount on both parts and labour on new restricted master systems, call our locksmith Surry Hills to find out more.

Master keying involves creating a master system on paper firstly that revolves around the number of different people who will be requiring a key. In order to design an appropriate master system Link Locksmiths Surry Hills will survey the building in question. A survey includes an inspection of the premises, the number of people needing keys and how many doors are to be master keyed. Large master systems will require the use of certain high security cylinders in order to maintain the integrity of the system such as Bi-Lock or Abloy. If a system is not designed correctly security issues can emerge. Our 24 hour locksmith Surry Hills can survey your premises in Surry Hills or Darlinghurst to determine which restricted key designs best suit your premises.

One of the unwanted consequences of a poorly designed system is interchange. Interchange occurs where a key opens a door that it is not supposed to.

An example of interchange is as follows.

A grand master key and a lower level key are both designed to open office A. The lower level key to office A should not be able to open any other office, whereas the grand master key should be able to access all offices.

If the lower lever key to office A is able to open office B, a door that it was not designed to open, then this is called interchange. The integrity and the security of the key system are now compromised.

Interchange can occur through faulty master keying designs, for example the Surry Hills locksmith responsible for creation of the system may have used faulty codes, or it can occur over time as the locks and keys start to wear.

In order to limit the occurrence of interchange we recommend you use a locksmith that is a member of an approved industry body who can demonstrate a solid understanding of your security requirements and has experience creating and installing master key systems.

It’s also a good idea have your locksmith check your key system every few years.

At Link Locksmiths Surry Hills we perform intermittent checks on our customers master systems to ensure all is operating as intended.

Interchange is more common in large systems that are extensively master keyed due to the large number of different keys working the locks.

At Link Locksmiths Surry Hills, so as to eliminate the possibility of interchange in large systems we only use quality cylinders, which are machined to a high level of tolerance. In our experience quality parts pay off in the long run even though the initial outlay will be a little more. We also provide a bona fide 24 hour lockout service to Surry Hills and surrounding suburbs .

Master keys are not restricted just to commercial and residential applications. They also play a part in automotive security. A master key in this context would be a key that could operate all locks in the car – ignition, glove box, boot, and doors. The change key is typically limited to starting the car and opening the doors. Commonly referred to as a service key because it limits access to the glove box and boot.

If you are located in Surry Hills or Darlinghurst and would like to upgrade to a security key system our locksmith is able to install security cylinders to a wide range of locks – please call us for pricing.

On duty 24 hours 7 days a week servicing Surry Hills for all Lock and key related requirements – Link Locksmiths Surry Hills.

If you have any queries as to how you can upgrade security in either your home or business give us a call and book a survey. We can work with all budgets as we stock a wide range of locks to suit the budget conscious customer. Intelligent and effective security solutions need not be expensive, call us for more information.

Please note that if you have lost your keys we advise to call a professional asap, its like a lost credit card which is a risk until cancelled, your keys are security sensitive until cancelled so call us now to have you lost keys made redundant and replaced with a new set.

7/4/2012 – Remember to check back here once a month for security tips provided by us, your fast 24 hour Surry Hills locksmiths. Patio doors are a common point of illicit entry due to their secluded location, which is commonly around the back of the house, or on the balcony or courtyard to most home units. All patio doors should have high quality patio bolts fitted to both the top and bottom of the frame. Fitting locks to the top and bottom prevents lifting the door, which is a problem if there is only a lock on the bottom. In addition to patio bolts the main lock should be a good quality model, such as the Lockwood ONYX, as cheap ones are prone to having their locking hook snapped far easier in forced entry. The most effective design in residential grade patio bolts comes from Lockwood in the 680 patio bolt. It has four anchorage pints and two of those are concealed behind the locking bolt to prevent removal of the lock by a burglar should he have managed to get in through a window or another door. To take advantage of the concealed screws security benefit it’s imperative to deadlock the bolt, otherwise the bolt can be slid out, exposing the screws. Also, equally as important, is to install all patio bolts using one way screws. One way screws enable you to apply full torque in the direction of tightening the screws, but virtually no torque in the opposite direction thanks to the cleverly ramped head design. It would require a lot more time and effort to remove a lock patio bolt fitted with one way screws thus achieving the aim of deterring and slowing down any intruder. Please call us for a quote or to make an appointment, our emergency locksmith Surry Hills is always available