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Our 24 hour locksmith fast response and experience in a lockout situation is second to none

All too often Locksmiths will resort to destructive entry when encountering stubborn or hard to pick locks, destructive entry is the absolute last resort that we use, in 95% of the cases we gain access by using non destructive techniques, even when it comes to stubborn or hard to pick locks! These trade skills take years to master. If the 24 hour locksmith you call does end up using destructive entry, it will cost you more than a standard lockout as you will be paying for the extra time needed in supplying, rekeying and installing a new lock. It can turn a lockout situation into a lockout + parts + labour. We use the latest tools in lock defeating technology to get you in quick! Need 24 hour service? Call us now!

At Link locksmiths Sydney we specialise in rekeying, fitting and servicing deadlocks

A Deadbolt is a lock that should be installed in addition to a knobset, lever set or mortice lock, resulting in improved security by increasing the number of locks an intruder would need to to destroy to gain access.

These locks are effective deterrants when installed in conjuction with a lever or knob set because thieves generally look for easy targets that offer relatively easy entry points. A deadbolt makes the break and enter process harder and longer – our locksmith always has stock ready to install. It is also important to note the construction of your door frame, as installing a sturdy bolt on a frame of comporable strength is not a good idea. For professional installations to the sydney metro area call us to arrange a service call.

We strongly advise having a deadbolt installed in conjunction with your existing lock. An advantage of the deadbolt is that the lock offers good resistance to the bolt being forced back as it penetrates deep into the door frame and on some models the bolts have roll pins to further resist cutting.

Our 24 hr emergency locksmith carries a wide range of colours and brands ready to discuss which is most appropriate and secure for you, to arrange for an experienced tradesman to your door why not call us now – we service sydney metro area.

We can also upgrade the keyways in your current locks to a restricted security design that offers a higher resistance against picking or “bumping” compared to standard keys.

Deadbolts come in:

  • Single Cylinder
  • Double Cylinder
  • Single Cylinder on the outside and thumbturn on the inside

Single cylinder deadbolts can only be locked from the outside. You wont be able to deadlock it from the inside whilst you are at home.

Double cylinder deadbolts can be locked from both sides. The advantage of locking the internal side is if a thief breaks in through a window then they wont be able to get out the front door. The disadvantage is that if you cant find your keys you will be locked inside. These are great for wrought iron gates of which there are plenty of in Sydney. Need a locksmith to install double a cylinder deadlock to a wroought iron gate? Call us to book a service call.

Single cylinder with thumbturn allows you to deadlock the door from both sides without the danger of locking yourself in.

Deadlocks come in different designs from different manufacturers, although they look the same they aren’t, and they do vary in the level of security they offer. If you have a deadbolt that needs to be rekeyed, serviced or replaced then give us a call. We also offer 24 hour emergency locksmith service to repair or replace burgled or damaged deadbolts throughout Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore and Inner West.

We stock a wide range of deadlocks including Lockwood, Carbine, and Yale.

A Deadlatch refers to a latch that resists being forced back when pressure is applied to the it.

A deadlatch is a lock that latches automatically when the door is closed. It contains a deadlocking mechanism that prevents the latch from being “carded” or pushed back.

A deadbolt is different, it does not latch automatically, it needs to be activated by key to lock or unlock.

The most popular deadlatches are the Whitco and Lockwood designs which are installed to the vast majority of strata units, with Yale also being quite common. We stock a wide range of deadlatches so that in case a lock does needs replacing we can fit it on the spot. Quite often the reason for having to replace a lock is due to it being too old, if the lock you have is outdated our experienced technicians have a wide range of new models that will fit in place of your old one, for professional solutions in Sydney – call us now.

By law a fire rated deadlatch must to be fitted to the front door of strata units for fire safety and security reasons.

We recommended combining a deadlatch with a deadbolt to deter potential intruders.

These locks can be put onto a restricted key system preventing unauthorised key duplication. If you are in a commercial environment and have a deadlock in place we can incorporate a restricted keying system into the existing lock preventing unauthorised copies of your office key being duplicated.

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