Deadlocks – Deadlatches

What benefits can you expect to receive from having a professional locksmith install a high security double cylinder to your premises?

  1. Firstly a double cylinder deadlock is the type of lock preferred by insurance companies because it offers a high level of protection to your premises. Insurers may even offer you a discount on your home and contents insurance if you have one installed to all entry doors. Eligibility for discount depends on your individual circumstance and your insurer so please contact them to discuss your particulars. If you have an old deadlock that’s in need of repair or are just plain unsure as to the level of security your locks are providing then call us. We are experienced locksmith’s who have qualified locksmith’s servicing the Sydney region.
  2. When we install a deadlock to your premises we also take into account side doors and rear doors. Alarmingly we come across a high proportion of houses that have a good quality lock on the front door with the lock fitted to the rear or side door being of average security rating. Fortunately our locksmith’s carry a wide range of locks so that if your locks need replacing we can do it on the spot in most cases. The other reason we recommend having the right type of lock installed is that if there is a break in and you do have to lodge a claim the insurance company may delay processing your claim if the lock on your premises is deemed to be substandard.
  3. When you call on us you call on a team of professional locksmith’s that pride themselves on offering solutions to make your like easier. One example is that we carry a product line that allows us to key both your doors and windows alike. The vast majority of households have at least 3 – 4 keys on their key ring, and obviously the more keys the more confusing it all gets. At Link locksmith’s we are all about offering solutions. One such solution we can offer to make your life easier is to have all your doors and windows keyed alike. Didn’t know it was possible? It is! We carry an Australian made product line that would see you carrying just one key for all doors and windows. Call us and speak directly to one of our locksmith’s who can tell you more. We service the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Lower North Shore.
  4. Our locksmith’s carry a wide variety of colours across a wide range of lock types. In deadlocks we offer Satin chrome, Polished brass, polished chrome, brown and more. Jump on the Lockwood website for pictures and tell us which one you like and we will have one of our professional locksmith’s install it for you.

Have you heard how susceptible most locks are to picking and bumping? Well our team of professional locksmith’s can render your deadlocks highly pick and bump resistant. We even have the knowledge to make your lock 100% bump proof.

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