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Our locksmiths service the Inner West – Annandale – Leichardt – Glebe and surrounding suburbs

We are mobile operation servicing the Inner West, covering residential, commercial and automotive lock related issues. If you are locked out we use the latest technology including electric pick guns, to get you in quick. Our 24-hour emergency locksmith is on standby to respond quickly and professionally to your needs. On average, our locksmiths response time to Annandale, Glebe and nearby suburbs is only 30 minutes for after hours lock outs!

At Link Locksmiths we pride our selves on quality workmanship.To ensure a consistent level we only send out qualified tradesmen to your home or business. This is our way of ensuring you receive the best advice and solutions for the job at hand. Our work ranges from mechanical through to electronic access control. Whether you need a lock rekeyed or a swipe card system installed, we can help, so give our hotline a call to speak directly to a locksmith. If you need a quote we can usually do it over the phone, for larger jobs it might be necessary to visit your place to discuss your requirements.

Our locksmiths supply and install, rekey and service a wide range of locks – Annandale, Glebe and surrounds

A knobset is a lock on which there is a knob either side of the door that retracts the latch when turned. Entrance sets are type of knobset that are commonly found on front doors to strata units, often fitted in conjunction with deadbolt to boost security. There are many different functions that knobsets can incorporate, depending on the room they are securing depends on which function you should have. Some examples of the different functions of knobsets include entrance sets, vestibule sets, double vestibule sets, passage sets etc. These locks can also be put onto a restricted key system allowing the owner to control key duplication. Our systems are locksmith controlled – so if an unauthorised attempt were made at copying your restricted key at another shop in Annandale, Glebe or any other suburb for that matter, they would not duplicate the key – hence the term locksmith controlled.

Entrance sets are most commonly found on front doors to strata units and their set up is that they can only be locked from inside by the push button. They can be unlocked from both sides either by a key on the outer knob or by hand on the inner knob just by rotating the handle.

Vestibule sets or storeroom sets offer higher security. The handle on the outside is permanently rigid, the handle on the inside is permanently free. The only way of opening the door from the outside is with a key that retracts the latch, ensuring that the door is always locked from the outside. We recently installed a vestibule set to a storeroom in Annandale, the owner was very happy that he didnt need to remember to lock the door anymore, our locksmith had the lock in stock and was able to fit it on his first visit much to the owners delight.

Double vestibule sets are even higher security yet again. Both the inner and the outer handle are permanetly rigid, the only way of opening the door from either side is with the use of a key from both sides that retracts the latch. Even though they use the name vestibule they should never be used on a storeroom as people could get locked inside, which can be quite dangerous if no one else it around to let them out. This could be a potential emergency, if however a situation like this does occur, please call our locksmith hotline to book one of our tradesman who will respond to Annandale, Glebe and surrounding suburbs quickly.

Classroom set. The outer handle on a classroom set is able to be left in locked or unlocked and can only be operated from the outer cylinder with the key. The inside has no locking mechanism and is always free. Classrooms by law must be fitted with a classroom set.

Privacy sets are free both sides. The outer handle can only be locked from inside by using the turn snib. There is no key way on the outer handle, although some come with a “disguised” turn snib so that in the case of an emergency the door can be unlocked with a coin. An adaptation or extension of the privacy set is the disabled toilet lock set which has the same feature on the outside but displayed more prominently so that in case of emergency access would be possible. If a disabled toilet is not fitted with this lockset our locksmith can install these. This service is available to properties in the inner wet, Annandale, Glebe etc.

A leverset is the same as a knobset in all aspects but it has a lever handle on both sides. By law, leversets need to be in place in certain locations. For example a leverset must be fitted to a fire exit in order to comply with fire regulations. In some cases it is also possible to modify knobsets into leversets, so if you have a knobset on a fire door, we might be able to convert it over to a lever set, a more economical option than replacing the entire lock. No matter the suburb in question, whether it be Annandale, Greenwich, or Potts Point, fire laws governing lock types are the same from area to area. Call us to speak with a locksmith if you need more information.

Too many keys? We can send a locksmith out to your place in Annandale to key your doors and windows alike

There are a wide range of window locks available. The most common ones are sliding window locks, multibolt, awning, sash, push and fastener window locks. Quite often a lot of money is spent on front door security but burglars look for other opportunities to gain access, especially windows. If you are concerned about the integrity of your security system at home or the office, you may benefit from having one of our experienced locksmiths perform a security survey to assess and suggest methods to improve security and deter burglars. You can even have your window locks operating off the same key to your front door. Whether you need a key made to an existing window lock, or you need one of our locksmiths to supply and fit new window locks, we can help – we service Annandale, Glebe and surrounding suburbs.

“Hi there Nat, as requested I am emailing you this testimonial to be posted on your site as I was most satisfied with your Annandale Locksmiths services which you provided to me on demand as I was in a pickle needing your services most urgently. Your lost key replacement service is very efficient, I appreciate your changing of our locks at 4 am. We are also please that your suggested to take advantage of the situation and install bump proof cylinders, the cost for these was well worth it in my opinion as my security is paramount and I was quite concerned when you gave me that demonstration of how easy it actually is to bump a lock. Thanks once again and I will be referring your contact details to my friends and family – Terry, Parramatta road Annandale