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We install a wide range of locks in Paddington – deadlocks &  mortice locks

Mortice locks can be categorized onto three types, cylinder based, lever based and solenoid based (electronic).

The lever range of mortice locks are commonly referred to as CHUBB locks, however the manufacture of lever locks is not exclusively limited to CHUBB. There are many different brands on the market, our locksmith stocks the best, Jackson, Union and CHUBB and commonly installs these to terrace houses in Paddington, Double Bay and surrounding suburbs.

Link Locksmiths Paddington are the premier choice for all your Paddington Locksmith needs. We offer a genuine 24 hour lock out service that takes a mere twenty minutes on average for our lock and key technician to arrive. The full gamut of lock and key services are available all hours including damage free gain entry and 24 hour lost key replacement. Call now

Of the mechanical variety, that is cylinder vs lever, the lever variety generally rates as the most secure style of mortice lock barring restricted designs such as Abloy and Bi lock, however not all lever mortice locks offer the same level of security and some don’t even meet insurers specifications. It is important, if you need a lock fitted for insurance purposes, to find out specifically which type and brand of mortice lock your insurer insists on. Generally five lever mortice locks are the type of lock required for insurance purposes of which we stock a wide range of brands. Ask any locksmith and they will tell you how common these locks are on the security grills throughout Paddington, Double Bay and surrounds. They are common for good cause, their security rating is high.

Are you in need of our emergency service at an odd hour? No matter what time your Paddington Locksmiths needs arise you can always call us, we have a 24 hour technician on duty ready to provide service in demand. You will benefit from our years of experience through our intelligent solutions to your lock and key related issue.

Five Lever mortice locks are a good choice for the security they offer. In residential scenarios they are commonly fitted to front gates or heavy duty screen doors. The better quality versions of the five lever mortice lock have roll pins inside the bolt making it extremely difficult for a burgar to gain access by trying to cut through the bolt. The bolt also deadlocks, preventing an intruder from “carding” the bolt. Our locksmith will attempt to pick these locks in the event of a lockout, although good quality lever locks are quite resistant to picking. If picking is unsuccessful there are alternative methods that we can use. If you have lost your key call us – we will come out to Paddington, Double Bay or other nearby suburbs to make a set!

Cylinder based mortice deadlocks function in the same fashion as lever based mortice locks however the cylinder is usually pin tumbler or wafer based, making the lock prone to picking or “bumping” with the use of a bump key. The security on these cylinder based mortice locks can be increased with the installation of pick and bump resistant restricted cylinders which we recommend as it provides an instant security upgrade at a relatively economical cost. If you live in Paddington, Double Bay or elsewhere in the East call our locksmith to find out the costs involved in having your lock upgraded to being totally bump proof! We also offer an economical modification that increases resistance to bump key attack without the need for new parts!

Solenoid based locks, such as the Lockwood 3572 electric mortice lock, rely on a solenoid that locks or unlocks the handles, whilst also incorporating a key override option should the electronics fail. This lock can be set to fail secure – locked if there is a power outage, or fail safe – open if there is a power outage.

7/4/2012 – Be sure to check in regularly with our Locksmith Paddington here on this page for regular updates relating to home and office security. Key lockable window locks are an important bit of kit when it comes to making your home harder to break into. This is because window locks that are not key lockable are highly susceptible to manipulation from outside with a long bit of wire. It’s a quiet way to manipulate the lock so odds are if it’s in a secluded area, the burglar might not be noticed before gaining entry. Key lockable window locks are available in many models to suit a wide variety of windows, and in our time we have never come across a window that we have not been able to fit some sort of key lockable lock to. It’s also important for the safety of your children, should you happen to have youngsters on the second floor and up, locking the window with a key will give you peace of mind knowing that your children can’t unlock it. For those people who have existing locks on their windows, if they are an old model they might not be key lockable, we can in 90% of the case source a lock that will retro fit into the footprint of the old ones, making for a neat replacement that doesn’t look unsightly. Colours range from white, satin chrome, brown, black, polished brass and beige, so if you have a specific colour in mind please give us a call to make sure we have it in stock and if not we can order it for you. Regards your friendly 24 hour locksmiths Paddington Sydney.

We supply and install entrance sets, deadlocks and more – Paddington, Double Bay and surrounding suburbs

Note: the name of each function listed below may vary depending on the manufacturer

Entry lock set – Available in lever or knob set

  • Interior: Turn snib on the inside, locks and unlocks both handles
  • Exterior:  Key retracts latch at all times. Outside handle locked or unlocked by inner turn snib

Glass door lock 1 -Available in lever or knob set. Our locksmith commonly installs these in Paddington and Double Bay

  • Interior: Inner keyway locks and unlocks both inner and outer handle
  • Exterior:  Outer keyway retracts latch. Outer handle locked or unlocked by internal key way.

Glass door lock 2 – Available in lever or knob se

  • Interior: Inner keyway locks and unlocks both handles
  • Exterior: Outer keyway locks and unlocks both handles.

Glass door lock 3 – Available in lever or knob set.

  • Interior: Inner handle locked or unlocked by exterior keyway
  • Exterior: Outer handle locked or unlocked by exterior keyway

Privacy latch set – Available in lever or knob set – locked out in Paddington? – call our locksmith now

  • Interior: Turn snib on inside locks and unlocks interior and exterior handle
  • Exterior: Locked or unlocked by interior turn snib. Includes emergency release on the outer handle.

Exterior privacy latch set – Available in lever or knob set

  • Interior: Turn snib locks and unlocks both handles
  • Exterior: Permanently locked, no emergency release