Lock picking

Lock picking is the craft of opening a lock using various manipulation techniques through the aid of specially designed tools, namely lock picks.

In order to pick a lock effectively, a thorough understanding of the internal parts of the lock is an important requisite. In order to manipulate a lock effectively, the locksmith needs to be able to visualise what is happening inside the lock each time the pick is used to move a tumbler. In addition to this the right pick needs to be selected. An experienced locksmith will know that the type of lock to be picked will govern the type ofpick to be used. Need a 24 hour locksmith? Call us now

Lock picks come in a wide variety of designs or profiles, each different profile having come about as the result of the specific lock type that it was designed to open. Double sided car locks would use a different pick from a deadlock, and a safe lock would use a different pick yet again. It’s important that the locksmith knows which type of pick to use to get best results. Using the wrong pick may take a long time to get the desired result, if at all.

Lock picking is a skill that takes years to master and can only be improved with constant practice and an understanding of the way in which the lock works. In some cases it requires the locksmith to reverse engineer the lock and visualise the internal components to determine how to defeat the lock.

The advantage of using an experienced locksmith to gain entry through picking a lock is that if picked successfully the lock won’t sustain any damage, this way the lock remains wholly intact and in proper working order, saving on the expense of having to purchase a new one had a destructive method of entry been used. It also allows the locksmith to change the combination (rekey the lock) should the key have been lost.

There are other methods of gaining access to which we can resort to if lock picking is unsuccessful, however, due to the security sensitive nature of this information we cannot publish it.

If you are worried that your locks may be picked then highly pick resistant locks are available, or we can modify your lock to increase the pick resistance.

It is however important to recognize that highly pick resistant locks do provide an increase in security but only to a limited extent. For example, a pick resistant lock will minimize the chance of covert entry taking place, but against other forms of attack that burglars use, a pick resistant lock on its own may not be a sufficient form of security. In this case it would be a matter of having an experienced security industry professional coming out to perform a security survey and assessment of your premises. This would result in solutions being put forth to you on how security can be upgraded through the use of additional methods, such as an alarm system and or CCTV. Without a doubt the most effective form of deterring would be thieves is\\would be the use of a layered security system.

Lock picking can be undertaken recreationally and there are organizations that partake in this past time, often for the hack value and satisfaction that comes from successfully picking a lock. There are no such organisations, which we at Link Locksmiths are aware of in Australia however there are chapters overseas who partake in lock picking as a competitive sport.

Another alternative form of picking a lock is through impressioning, whereby the locksmith inserts a blank key and files the correct key to the lock by reading marks left on the key blank by the locks tumblers. It is a form of lock opening that takes precise and careful attention to detail, sloppy methods often won’t yield a result. At Link Locksmith’s we use this method if picking is unsuccessful. The advantage of impressioning is that the lock, like picking, is undamaged, enabling it to be rekeyed should the key have been lost. Impressioning also renders high security top pins, such as serrated pins, useless, giving us another angle at which to open your lock without damage.

Impressioning can work on many different types of locks from deadlocks, to letterbox locks to car doors and ignitions to safe locks. The higher the quality of manufacture, (the precision of the locks internals) then the harder it is to successfully impression a key to that lock. Some locks take such a long time to impression that destructive entry is the only sensible option. This includes certain safe locks for example.

Proper lock pick sets are only available to licenced locksmiths; a licenced locksmith, in Australia must have 4 years in the trade. Although picks can be fashioned out of various components, professional kits have the range of designs required to open a wide range of locks.

The most common picks that exist are hook, rake, half diamond, and ball pick.

These 4 pick designs will get a good locksmith the desired result on a wide range of gain entry jobs, however there are other higher tech tools available in case hand picking is unsuccessful, such as the pick gun or electric pick gun.

These security sensitive devices, like lock picks are only available to licenced locksmiths.

Pick guns assist the locksmith in successfully picking a lock and they are often used in conjunction with hand picks.

This is a general blog about lock picking and does not contain any security sensitive information relating on how to pick locks, as licenced locksmiths this is information that we would not publish.

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