Bump keys

You may recall seeing the video on “A Current Affair” on Monday, 4th June 2007 about bump keys. Quite startling to think that the vast majority of households in Australia are secured with locks that are prone to this form of attack.

If you haven’t seen the video search the ACA website, I believe the link to the video is still on there.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term bump key or lock bumping, it refers to a method of opening locks by inserting a standard key with a certain “combination” of cuts into the lock then giving it a good whack with the butt of a hammer to open the door.

We don’t want to go into specifics, as we are not about to freely share information that can be used by burglars, however the unfortunate fact is that this information is readily available on the internet and has been for years. This blurb has been published as a guide on how you can protect your home and contents from the threat of bump keys and lock bumping.

Sounds like fiction to most of us however it’s a fact that unfortunately most Australian households are equipped with locks that are prone to bump key attacks. It has become a major to worry to most people who have seen the video.

The most alarming aspect is that specialised tools aren’t required to bump a lock, just a key and a solid piece of wood, and unfortunately the wrong people use this now common knowledge to exploit the inherent weaknesses found in 80% of locks on Australian houses.

In the unfortunate even of a break in insurance companies may ask for proof of forced entry, although several insurance companies have said that they would honour a claim that showed no evidence of forced entry.

The solution? At Link Locksmiths we have the knowledge on how to make you lock “bump key” proof!

There are solutions that render bumping useless and we have the experience and knowledge to provide and install the necessary parts so that you no longer have to worry about bump keys being used on your home by dishonest people.

Our solutions are cost effective and readily available. Call us to find out if your locks are prone to bump key attacks, if so we have the solution.

Lock bumping – how did it come about? And why do so many people know about it now?

In the 1970’s a group of locksmiths in Denmark developed a technique for opening a lock cylinder. It consisted rapping the cylinder (hitting the cylinder with a solid object) to bounce the pins whilst at the same time pushing on the keyway to make it spin once the pins bounced to their correct heights.

This successful means of opening cylinders was made even further effective by inserting a bump key and then rapping the cylinder, which produced quicker and easier results.

The use for the bump key was then adapted to bump locks open, this knowledge is now widespread courtesy of news bulletins warning the general public about the threat of bump keys.

The irony is that high quality locks generally have a higher incidence of being successfully bumped as the quality manufacture usually means the tumblers inside move more freely and with less friction than that of cheaper locks

Lock picks are illegal and much harder to obtain that bump keys. Bump keys are not illegal and can be obtained from a locksmith if the customer knows what to ask for, unfortunately the threat is real and the knowledge of lock bumping is ever increasing. Fortunately we have a solution that renders bumping ineffective.

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