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We supply fit, service and rekey a wide range of locks.

The Lockwood 007 deadbolt is a heavy-duty lock that is suitable for commercial, residential and architectural applications. It comes in a range of colours including satin chrome, polished chrome and polished brass.

Link Locksmiths Chatswood is the first company you should call when you have an afterhour’s emergency. If you want a fast and experienced 24hr Chatswood Locksmith to resolve your predicament we can guarantee damage free gain entry and rapid key replacement.

The Lock is unique in its design compared to most other deadbolts on the market in that it offers positive locking so that the key cannot be removed until the bolt has deadlocked in the frame.

Are you locked out? Do you need a 24 hr Locksmith Chatswood to resolve your issue? Call Link Locksmiths Chatswood to speak to a master licenced technician and book a service call now! On duty 24 hours 7 days a week serving you Locksmith Chatswood needs.

This innovative design ensures that the deadlocking tigger in the latch locks into place each time you lock the door.

Information on the 007 is compiled by Link Locksmith – Need professional service in Chatswood? Call us now

By having to turn the key a full 360 degrees it ensures full extension of the bolt into the frame. Cheaper models don’t turn 360 degrees, so there is a chance of taking the key out before deadlocking has occurred. The danger is that if the lock has not deadlocked an intruder could slide the bolt back out of the frame to gain entry. We have come across an alarmingly high proportion of deadbolts that did not deadlock due to incorrect installation or wear and tear.

When fitting deadbolts it is important that the installation is carried out by an experienced professional. If not installed correctly, the deadlocking trigger may not activate. We recommend having your deadbolt checked by an experienced locksmith if it has been on the door for more than 5 years especially if it is a cheaper brand. At Link Locksmiths we stock a wide range of locks and offer a bona fide 24 hour lockout service to Chatswood.

When it comes to fitting deadbolts we recommend a positive locking deadbolt such as the 007. The cost of a having it installed will be a little bit more than that of a standard lock, but for the many years that the lock will be protecting your home we believe it is extra money worth spending.

A well designed deadbolt will also have concealed fixing screws that are covered by an extra layer of protection preventing access to the screws. The Lockwood design requires the correct key to be inserted and turned before the lock can be taken off the door.

If you would like to upgrade your locks to a restricted key system then why not call us for a quote. 90% of the time we are able to incorporate a restricted key system into our customers existing locks, making for an economical solution in boosting security, as we only need to upgrade the cylinder. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a locksmith level restricted key system then give us a call for more information. We also offer a round the clock lock out service to Chatswood

For a security assessment of your home or business please phone us to arrange for a security survey.

We carry a widerange of locks including the following

Note the function may vary depending on the manufacturer – we install the following lockstets in Chatswood

Vestibule lock set  – Available in lever or knobset

  • Interior:  Handle free/operative at all times,
  • Exterior: A key is needed to retract the latch. Outside handle can be locked or unlocked from inner keyway.

Exterior exit lock set – Available in lever or knobset

  • Interior: Key locks and unlocks the outside handle, inner handle always free/operative
  • Exterior: Key retracts latch at all times. Handle free except when locked from key on inside.

Storeroom lock set  – Available in lever or knobset

  • Interior: Inner handle always free
  • Exterior: Handle permanently rigid. Locked out in Chatswood? – call our locksmith for professional gain entry

Single action lock set – Available in lever or knobset

  • Interior: Handle free at all times
  • Exterior: No Handle. Key that retracts latch

Classroom lock set – Available in lever or knobset

  • Interior: Inner handle always free. Live in Chatswood? lost your keys? Our locksmith can come out & make a set
  • Exterior:  Handle is locked or unlocked via external keyway

Exit latch set – Available in lever or knobset

  • Interior: Always free
  • Exterior: Permanently rigid

Hi there – a word from the team at Link Locksmiths Chatswood – if you are moving premises it is especially important to take into consideration that someone who previously occupied the place may have retained a copy of the keys. Standard keys are not very secure as they can be duplicated readily by anyone and virtually anywhere, so the keys to your place may have been duplicated multiple times by numerous people, the cleaner, an old flatmate etc etc. If you have just moved into a premises then you should change they keys for security reasons. It makes good sense and it is an economical way to secure your property from anyone who may have retained a copy of the key with the wrong intentions.

P.S if you are going to change the keys then you might want to consider the advantages of bump proof cylinders. Call us to find out more.