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We are 24 hour mobile locksmiths strategically situated to proivide a quick response and professional service to the Eastern Suburbs where our mobile service is based; Vaucluse.

For all your Eastern Suburbs locksmith requirements, be it residential, automotive or commercial, we are equipped to respond fast.

When it comes to after hour’s emergencies such as lockouts or emergency repairs, you can rely on our 24-hour Eastern Suburbs emergency locksmith to get there quickly. Response time to Rose Bay, Vaucluse, Bellevue Hill and surrounding suburbs is FAST because we are local. After hours response time is quick, on average 20 minutes!

At Link Locksmiths our team of experienced tradesmen offer a wide range of locksmithing services ranging from cutting keys onsite to supplying and fitting mechanical restricted key systems, to installing electronic access control systems. We stock a wide range of locks, including dead locks, sliding door locks and screen door locks from leading manufacturers such as Lockwood, Carbine, and more.

What’s more we guarantee to send you an experienced licenced tradesmen so that you are receiving the highest standard of workmanship. It’s part of out quality control policy to ensure you receive the best possible service.

24 hour locksmith Eastern Suburbs – Vaucluse – Bellevue Hill – Rose Bay

  • Experienced qualified licenced tradesmen
  • Quality workmanship
  • Master licence
  • Lost keys? We can make a set
  • Widest range of locks
  • Gain entry 24/7-lockout service – fast response locksmith to Vaucluse, Rose Bay and surrounds
  • Rekeys / change the key so the old key doesn’t work
  • Safes – rekeyed – combination changed – opened
  • Deadlatches – fire rated, supplied and install / service / replace
  • Full locksmithing service – domestic – industrial – commercial to Eastern Suburbs

Electronic locks

An electronic lock is a locking mechanism, which requires an electrical current to actuate locking or unlocking, such as the Lockwood 3572 electric mortice lock.

Electronic locks can either be stand alone, whereby the electronics are contained and operate within the unit, or hard wired, whereby the locks need to be wired to an external electrical source. These locks are usually installed to commercial premises. They make for a convenient method of access control that doesnt require the constant use of a key. rarely found in residential premises in the Eastern Suburbs, however our locksmith’s are able to install these if you would like to enjoy keyless entry. (Dearer than keys). Need a locksmith in Vaucluse, Rose Bay or surrounding suburbs? Call our hotline to speak directly to a tradesman.

In most cases electric locks are connected to an access control swipe card system. The advantages of an electric lock or strike connected to an access control system include: key control, where swipe cards can be added and removed without having to mechanically change the combination of the lock; detailed access control, where certain people can only enter a room or building between set times, and activity logging, where activity is recorded including how often a certain individual accessed a specific room in a set period of time. Our locksmith’s do most of this type of work on commercial premises in the city, not in the Eastern Suburbs as it’s all residential, however, this level of access can be incorporated into residential scenarios.

In the case of power failure, certain types of electronic locks, can be set to go into lockdown mode, preventing access from the outside of the door whilst the indside remains free, a safety feature to prevent people getting locked in incase of fire. A key over ride feature is also incorporated into some electronic locks so that the locks can still be used in case of power failure, such as the KABA e-plex. This lock is quite common in hospitals and is a heavy duty lock, if you are in the Eastern suburbs and want a lock of this design there are other options which our locksmith’s can suggest if this one happens to be too dear.

Electronic locks have become increasingly common nowadays in commercial applications.

Examples of electronic locks include the Borg digital 7000 sc and the Lockwood Nexion keyless entry set.

Abloy high security locks (somewhat common in Vaucluse) – we duplicate Abloy keys and rekey Abloy locks

Abloy is a high security pick resistant lock that works using discs. The key (which needs to be cut on specialised machinery) rotates the discs to the right position within the lock, enabling the lock to open. This lock is extremely time consuming to pick and cannot be bumped, unlike standard pin tumblers, therefore it is recommended in instances where high security locks are necessary. Abloy is most common on the Lower North Shore, less so in the Eastern Suburbs, for your peace of mind our locksmith’s can install abloy locks giving you that extra level of protection against picking and lock bumping.

Unfortunately the standard keyway, found in most deadlatches on front doors to strata units, are prone to picking as they use the pin tumbler configuration. Abloy have designed a deadlock that incorporates the Abloy high security cylinder in either classic, disklock or protec which can be fitted in place of standard deadlocks.

A wide variety of locks that use Abloy technology are available for a very wide variety of applications including deadlocks, deadbolts, padlocks, cabinet locks, and tool box locks. We can supply and install the Abloy range of locks as well as duplicating non restricted keys on site. The Eastern suburbs has many strata block units that make use of deadlatches, our locksmith’s can replace or upgrade your existing deadlatch to incorporate Abloy technology should you want a higher level of security.

Tip from the team, if you have an emergency situation in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, including Rose Bay, then if you call us you will receive service that offers the fastest response time from our technician who is based in Dover Heights. The core focus of our Eastern Suburbs Lock service is after hours gain entry, lost key replacement, and failed lock replacement. If you prefer dealing with a local business then you should save our contact details now should the need for our services unexpectedly arise in the future. If you need your locks changed urgently then we are well positioned to assist as we carry a wide range of key blanks enabling us to re key a wide range of brands whether they be old and new.