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We are located in the Eastern Suburbs strategically positioned to provide a timely response to Randwick, Kensington and surrounding suburbs.

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Our quality control policy guarantees that you will receive a tradesman to your home or business, not an apprentice. We beleive that your security should should only be handled by a qualified professional.

What’s more, our well-stocked service vans contain a wide range of locks, including, deadlocks, garage door locks, window locks, safe locks, ignitions and more. This enables us to fit a wide range of locks on our first visit should a lock need replacing.

We solve problems relating to the following keys – Randwick Kensington Emergency Locksmiths

Control Key – used in restricted systems

A control key is a key used by locksmiths to access high security restricted cylinders for the purpose of getting to the inner plug to rekey or service the lock.

Control keys are becoming more common now across a broad range of manufacturers, and in some large systems, control keys are be issued to the client, enabling the client to remove the cylinder core and send them in for rekeying. If you have a business in Randwick or Kensington then a restricted key system would be a good way to boost seurity by controlling key duplication – call our hotline to speak directly to a locksmith who can tell you about the benefits.

Control keys also save the locksmith time in disassembling each cylinder whilst on site, so for large restricted systems, locks that use a control key are the sensible option.

Double sided key – cars – safes – letterbox locks, filing cabinets etc

Double-sided keys are used in many different applications from, cars through to safes. The most popular usage for double-sided keys is for cars. Car keys are double sided for convenience so that the user can insert the key in either direction and still operate the lock. Some cars don’t use double sided keys, for example old Volkswagens. If you have lost the keys to your car our locksmith’s service Randwick, Kensington and surrounding suburbs and are able to make a new set of keys to a wide range of cars.

High security safe locks also incorporate the double-sided design. The levers responsible for locking are opposing each other, requiring double-sided safe keys to open the lock. Double sided safe locks offer high security and excellent resistance to picking and impressioning. Ross manufactures the Ross 900 high security safe lock that uses this design. If you live in Randwick or Kensington and own a safe to which you have lost the key or are unable to dial up the combination to, then give us a call, our locksmith’s know how to open a wide range of safes with minimal damage so that the safe can be re used.

Another form of the double-sided key is the inline pin tumbler such as Lockwood Twin. These keys don’t look symmetrical so it’s hard to recognize it as double sided. They have a second lower layer of cuts parallel to the top level located off centre. These cuts activate a second row of security pins that make picking or manipulation exponentially more difficult than standard pin tumblers, in some cases virtually impossible, to the point where no locksmith would spend the time attempting to pick these locks. Usually these forms of keys are part of a restricted system. Live in Randwick or Kensington? Would you like to enjoy the security benefits of a restricted key system? Call out hotline and speak to directly to a locksmith who can tell you more.

The combination to this second layer of cuts is usually controlled by the factory and sent out to the locksmith with the cuts already machined onto the key. This is called a “dealer perm”.

Each dealer would have a unique dealer perm so that if the key were duplicated at another locksmith it still would not work, increasing the security level of the restricted  system. The other way of preventing illegal duplication is through the use of profiles. An example would be two Abloy Protec systems installed by two different locksmiths on neighbouring premises in say Randwick for example. Obviously neither key will work the other lock due to the different cuts and dealer perm, but to further increase security, the different key profiles will also prevent the key from even entering the other lock.

Skeleton key – used in warded locks – old style rim locks – antique chests

The term skeleton key came about from keys that had multiple wards filed into them enabling them to work multiple locks, similar to the master key theory. Different locks had differently designed wards, so even though the height of the key would operate the lock, the key would not turn in a lock it was not made for. To get it to operate the lock most of the key had to be filed away, giving the key a skinny weakened flag, hence the term skeleton key. There are alot of old houses in Randwick and Kensington that have warded locks installed on internal doors, our locksmiths are able to cut keys to them as well as servicing and or replacing locks that are in a damaged state.

A relatively common problem with skeleton keys was that they would often snap off inside the lock due the extensive warding. This and the lack of security offered by warded locks lead to the development of the lever mortice lock, the most popular lever lock being the CHUBB five lever. Five lever mortice locks are commonly referred to as CHUBB locks even though other manufacturers make them. These are generally favoured by insurance companies. Lever locks as such should be installed to external doors as they offer a high level of security and are also resistant to both picking and bumping. If you live in Randwick or Kensington and would like a high security mortice lock installed please call us to book a locksmith.

Warded locks eventually ceased being used as front door locks because of their security flaws and have gradually been phased out to feature somewhat rarely on internal doors of old houses. A lot of these locks have been in place for over 100 years and still work, reaching antique status. At Link Locksmiths we can repair old warded locks that are “part of the house”. Warded locks can still be purchased from shops that deal in architectural hardware.

Tubular key – used in vending machines – bicycle locks

A tubular key, or gem key as it is commonly called in Australia, is designed to work a tubular lock also known as an axial pin tumbler because the pins are arranged around the axis of the lock.

The axial pin tumbler design operates on the same principle as the inline pin tumbler, the lock wont open until there is a shear line, but its design resists picking with traditional tools, making it a common replacement for cam locks to letterboxes and other common places where higher security is desired.

The most common usage for tubular locks is on vending machines, key switches, ticket dispensers, alarms and bicycle locks as the lock design lends itself well to compact areas. We can also increase the security on your letterbox with an axial tumbler lock, if you live in Randwick, Kensington or surrounding suburbs, call us to have a locksmith install one of these locks to your letterbox.

Paracentric key used in- deadlocks – deadbolts – padlocks – club locks

A paracentric key is one that has a curved shape. Yale uses a paracentric design for a wide range of their locks, including their deadlatches and deadbolts. In conjunction with the pick resistant paracentric keyway Yale have opted to implement spool pins into some of their locks. Spool pins are high security pins that make picking a lot trickier, thus increasing the security that the lock offers.

At Link Locksmiths we can customize the security on your lock. When we rekey your lock remember to ask us about security tumblers. Live in Randwick, Kensington or surrounding suburbs? Want to increase pick resistance in your deadlock? Call our hotline to have an experienced locksmith come out and do it.

Other types of high security top pins that we can incorporate into your locks include

Mushroom pins, serrated pins and non-chamfered pins. These pins all reduce the possibility of picking the lock and can be installed at the time of rekeying.

Paracentric keyways are also more difficult to impression than “4” broach keys due to the wavy key design. This design is most popular in Yale and Abus locks.

Screen door locks – fitted – rekeyed – serviced – Randwick – Kensington and surrounding suburbs

Screen door locks function in a unique way. These locks typically use a lazy or floating cam to actuate the locking mechanism. The Lazy cam means that you don’t have to have to turn the key a full 360 degrees to actuate locking or unlocking. Also incorporated into the majority of screen door locks is a deadlock feature that can only be activated with the use of the key. Once the screen door lock has been deadlocked, the only way to deactivate it is by using the key.The other method of locking a screen door lock is by using the thumb turn on the inside of the lock. The thumb turn can be used to lock the doors interior and exterior handles but the door won’t deadlock, meaning it can be unlocked by flicking the turn snib. Whitco manufacture the MK1, MK2 and MK3 range of screen door locks that are available in various colours including black, white and brown. Our locksmith’s can install high security screen door locks to your premises in Randwick, Kensington and  surrounding suburbs.

Certain screen door locks also come with a kit to modify the security level. Select manufacturers release a range of screen door locks that incorporate a high security three point locking system that is activated by the key. This three way locking makes use of the side, top and bottom of the doorframe. We can install high security screen door locks on premises. If you require the help of an experienced locksmith and you live in Randwick, Kensington or surrounding suburbs please call us for assistance.

7/4/2012 – security tip from your fast 24 hour mobile locksmith Randwick. Visible burglar alarms, bright lighting and visible security can be excellent deterrents. It’s particularly important to ensure that your property’s side and rear also has good security lighting. When installing locks it important to use locks that meet Australian standards. Locks manufactured overseas may be cheaper, but when it comes down to it, if the lock gives easily when forced, then there isn’t much point of having a lock, except for visual purposes. We regularly install locks to doors that that have been forced in break and enter scenarios, and commonly the lock that has been forced happen is a cheap overseas import. Companies that invest money into design, research and development can produce a better product, and that is especially true in the security industry. We recommend the Lockwood range of locks for your home, no locks are foolproof, but better build quality might mean the difference between the intruder getting in or giving up. Please call us now, no matter the time if it’s an emergency our Randwick locksmiths are on call 24hrs 7 days a week.