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Also on offer is our 24-hour emergency locksmith who is on standby to respond quickly to emergency repairs or lockouts. Our average, our response time for an after hours call out is within the hour!

At Link Locksmiths we pride our selves on quality workmanship. As a result we only send out qualified tradesmen to your home or business, not apprentices. This is our way of ensuring you receive the best advice and solutions for the job at hand. Our work ranges from mechanical through to electronic access control. Whether you need a lock rekeyed, serviced or installed, we can help, so if you need a locksmith in Newtown why not give us a call now.

Locksmiths job description

The field of locksmithing is diverse, taking into account the wide range of applications where locks are in use, for example: cars, houses, industrial premises and so on, locksmithing can take a lifetime to master.

Because the trade is so diverse some locksmiths choose to specialize in a certain aspect of the trade, for example safe technicians or automotive locksmiths. Dedicated automotive locksmiths are rare as the automotive aspect of the trade is the most rapidly changing segment. Each year vehicle manufacturers bring out new designs and the changes don’t stop at mechanical levels, they also include changes in electronic levels of security, the immobilizer system.

Link Locksmiths Newtown is the ideal choice when you are in need of the services of a 24 hour Locksmith Newtown. The after hours emergency service is available to provide rapid solutions to your lock and key related predicaments.

With the constant technological evolution in the automotive industry, aftermarket suppliers to the industry have to spend lots of money on extensive research and development to offer consumers an alternative aside from the dealer. This is especially true when it comes to the area of transponder car keys.

If you want a master licenced emergency Locksmith Newtown then call Link Locksmiths Newtown now for professional service. We promise damage free gain entry to your home office and or car. We can also replace damaged locks at anytime as our vans are well stocked with a wide range of commercial and residential locks.

Suppliers to the locksmith industry pave the way in research and development and as a result locksmiths are now never too far behind car manufacturers when it comes to duplicating transponder car keys. An example would be key codes; sometimes car key codes are not available to locksmiths for the first several months of a new car being released.

Most businesses in this industry ply their trade in the residential and commercial market. Locksmith’s who are involved with domestic and commercial security are required to perform a wide range of work, the more common aspects include rekeys, making keys to locks, supplying and installing restricted key systems and gaining access to locked premises. Newtown is a pretty busy suburb for late night lock outs, as such, we have an emergency locksmith on call just in case you’ve accidentally locked yourself out or lost your keys.

Restricted key systems are a specialty security service limited strictly to licenced Newtown locksmiths. In the lead up to creating a restricted key system for our customers we firstly visit the site in question to survey and inspect the building thoroughly. In our experience alot of students rent accommodation in Newtown, which means change of tenancy pretty often. As a landlord, having one of our locksmith’s install a restricted system will mean you wont have to worry about how many keys your tenant cuts and hands out to his or friends.

It’s very important when designing a restricted mater key system that the locksmith has a solid understanding of the customer’s business, especially plans for expansion. A comprehensive understanding allows for seamless expansion of the restricted system in future, saving the customer time, money and hassles.

Restricted key systems on their own are often the first line in increasing security, however, they may not be sufficient on their own. Whilst they do control key duplication they are not seen as a deterrant to thieves because thieves look beyond the locks, at doors, windows, and other weak points. Other methods of beefing up security include blocker plates, ADI bolts and more. If you need to revise the security of your premises call us, we are here to help.

Link Locksmiths, servicing Newtown and surrounding suburbs

An effective means of deterring and or slowing down would be thieves would be to have an alarm and or CCTV system installed that is clearly visible. Visibility is an important factor it acts as an effective deterrent as thieves need to get in and out quickly  and quietly to avoid being caught.

Industrial areas are especially prone to late night break-ins because of the desolate nature of industrial locations. “Rivers” manufacture a range of security doors and locks that are of an industrial grade level. We can supply and install Rivers locking solutions to industrial and retail. If you own an industrial property around Newtown and would like one of our locksmith’s to install a Rivers high security lock then please call us to book a service call.

7/4/2012 – News flash, your friendly Newtown locksmith will be updating you with useful security tips right here every month so be sure to book mark this page for lots more good information. Don’t leave spare keys outside or in a garage or shed. It’s incredible tempting to hide a spare key under the door mat, or behind the wheel of your car, but thieves know these places, and would likely check them before casing out the rest of the house. After all if they can get a key it would make their job a whole lot easier. It would be a better idea to leave a key with a neighbor or a family member, that way if you lose your main set you will always have a back up set. Keep garden sheds and garages locked, especially if there is internal access from the garage to your home. You can alarm your garage so that in the event of an intruder gaining entry to the garage, the alarm would go off before the burglar enters the home, thus deterring further progress. Back to base alarms are the most effective type of alarm and monitoring is relatively economical these days with the alarm industry being highly competitive. Always post stickers referring to the alarm at the perimeter of your property, this should help in deterring a would be burglar from going any further. Information provided courtesy of your fast 24 hour locksmiths Newtown.