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  • We install / service a wide range of residential, commercial and automotive locks
  • Master licenced – member of the LGA
  • Rekeys – we can render the old key useless and provide you with a new key
  • Lost keys? We can make a new set and stop the old ones from working
  • Deadlatches – supplied and fitted
  • Locked out? 24 hour locksmith bondi on standby 24 hours 7 days a week for speedy gain entry
  • Emergency repairs – burglaries
  • Safes – opening – combination changes
  • Keys duplicated on site
  • Link Locksmiths Bondi – quickest response after hours

24-hour mobile locksmiths Bondi- call now for quick response for after hours emergency work

If you are in the bondi area and you need a 24-hour locksmith to get to you quickly then why not give us a call, you will get to speak directly to one of our experienced tradesmen who are available 24/7 for emergency work and lock outs.

At Link Locksmiths we offer a wide range of services including residential, commercial and automotive. Our after hours response time to Bondi Junction, Coogee and surrounding suburbs is FAST because we are local.

When it comes to protecting your premises we ensure that your home or business is fitted with the highest quality security products, we stock a wide range of leading brands including Lockwood, Carbine, Yale and Chubb

On average, our response time to Bondi Junction, Coogee and surrounding suburbs is within 30 minutes for an after hours service call

Whether you need a locksmith for your home, office or car, we can help. Our quality control policy guarantees that you will receive a tradesman, not an apprentice. After all, our work directly affects your security. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that you were dealing with an experienced tradesman over an apprentice?

What’s more, our well-stocked service vans contain a wide range of locks, including, deadlocks, glass door locks, window locks and more. This enables us to fit a wide range of locks on our first visit should a lock need replacing. Need a locksmith in the Bondi or Coogee area? Call us to speak directly to an experienced professional – no call centres.

Our locksmiths are qualified experienced tradesmen, our way of ensuring that you receive high quality workmanship whether the job is small or large.

We carry the latest technology in lock defeating tools helping us make speedy work of lockout situations. This also minimises the possibility of us having to use forceful entry which always ends up costing more than manipulation. If you live in Bondi Junction, Coogee or surrounding suburbs and have locked yourself out we understand how frustrating it can be, we are therefore ready to respond quickly to your emergency.

Did you know? Double cylinder deadbolts may help you receive a discount on home and contents insurance?

Double sided deadlocks are recommended for insurance purposes; unfortunately many households don’t have double cylinder deadlocks on all their entry doors. An entry door is any door that offers access to the house, such as front doors, rear doors and patio doors.

This content relating to potential discounts on your home and contents insurance is general information. We cannot tell you whether you qualify or not, you would need to speak to your insurer  – however if you need a professional locksmith to install, rekey or service a deadlock in Bondi Junction, Coogee or surrounding suburbs then we are able to help.

Double cylinder dead latches offer a high level of security because 1) a key is required to open the door at all times from the outside, so its not possible to forget to lock the door 2) The latch actually deadlocks when the door is closed preventing the latch being forced back or carded and 3) the interior turnknob is lockable, so should the lock be installed on a gate where an intruder can reach through the bars and get a hand onto the turnknob, it still wont be possible to unlock it.

The most popular double cylinder deadlocks sold in Australia are manufactured by Lockwood and Whitco.

The Lockwood deadlock comes in satin chrome, brown, polished brass and polished chrome and is rekeyable to most restricted systems including Lockwood generation 6, Abloy, and Bi-Lock amongst others. For all matters relating to deadlocks and deadbolts from rekeys to installs our locksmith is available 24 hours 7 days to Bondi Junction, Coogee and surrounding suburbs.

One of the latest developments to the Lockwood deadlatch is the inclusion of a safety release designed to unlock the interior knob. The safety release is activated when the door is opened from the outside. The safety release unlocks the interior turnknob preventing accidental lock ins. This lock suits wooden and metal frames.

Also very popular is the Whitco double cylinder deadlatch. Essentially it offers the same functions and features as the Lockwood deadlatch and is available in satin chrome, polished brass, white, brown and polished chrome.

We supply, fit, rekey and service a wide range of deadlocks. If you live in Bondi Junction, Coogee and surrounding suburbs, and need a locksmith, why not give us a call – we offer a bona fide 24 hour service including lock outs.

Combination locks – keyless entry

A combination lock is a lock that uses a code rather than a key, although certain combination locks can work in conjunction with a key.

There are many different types of combination locks, such as, mechanical pushbutton locks, combination padlocks, digital safe locks and so on. Mechanical pushbutton locks dont require power to function such as the Lockwood 530DX, whereas digital locks such as the LG basic do. If you are interested in keyless entry why not call us and have a chat to our locksmith to find out what price an install starts at. Keep in mind that if you live in Bondi, Coogee and elsewhere along the coast it may be necessary to use a marine grade lock if it is to be installed outdoors such as on a front door or gate.

The most common installations for combination locks in residential scenarios are on front gates or entry doors and they can pose a suitable alternative if you have children that have a habit of losing keys. Different grades are available, for example if it’s to be installed outdoors a marine grade lock would last a lot longer. Certain digital locks also have a clutch function built into the handle, so if an intruder tries to force the handle it will spin, rather than transfer all the force into the lock.

Digital locks also offer you the ability to rekey the lock yourself which we teach you to do with each installation. If you would like to know more about combination locks for your home, office or safe, please give us a call.

Electric strikes

An electric strike is a electrically controlled locking device fitted to a door frame. When a lock is coupled with an electric strike, the door can be opened without having to retract the latch via a handle or key. Electric strikes are commonly found in commercial applications, for instance on foyer doors, where there is a continual flow of traffic. The main benefit of installing an electric strike is the flexibility it offers. For example, frequently used doors can be set to free passage during business hours, then locked with the flick of a switch at the end of the day. Higher security rooms can be set to “controlled entry” so that the electric strike only unlocks with the use of a swipe card or electric fob. Information on Electric strikes compiled by Link Locksmith – servicing Bondi Junction , Coogee and surrounding suburbs.

Nowadays electric strikes are manufactured by a wide range of companies from Europe Asia and America, enabling us to offer a wide range of choice to our customers. Electric strikes can be quite costly depending on the amount of features they incorporate, for this reason, it is important you have an expert select and fit an appropriate model. This elimintaes you overpaying for a strike that has functions you wont end up using.

Electric strikes are compatiable with both aluminium and wooden frames.

Our locksmith service to Bondi Junction, Coogee and surrounding suburbs includes


  • Rekeys – changing the lock combination so the old key does not work
  • 24-hour emergency locksmith – for emergency repairs or lockouts
  • Making keys to locks where no keys exist
  • Garage doors – servicing, repairing, replacing and rekeying
  • Deadlocks – supplied, fitted and serviced
  • Door closers – supplied fitted and serviced
  • Restricted master key systems
  • Cupboard locks
  • Antique locks
  • Glass door locks
  • Bondi Junction and coogee are located close to our base so our locksmith can respond quickly


  • Restricted master key systems
  • Rekeys – changing the lock combination so the old key does not work
  • 24-hour emergency locksmith – for break in repairs or lockouts
  • Making keys to locks where no key exists
  • Mortice locks
  • Aluminium door locks
  • Door closers
  • Industrial grade high security locks


  • Lost keys? We can make a set
  • Repairing/replacing door / boot / ignition
  • Rekeying door /boot /ignition
  • Gain entry
  • Have you lost your car keys? If you live in Bondi Junction, Coogee or surrounding suburbs we will come to you to make a new set.

Pease note – not all models are covered – call our locksmith to see if we are able to assist