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  • Full locksmith service to Maroubra and Kingsford
  • Safes opened
  • 24 hour Maroubra locksmith – lockouts – emergency work
  • Widest range of locks rekeyed – deadlocks – filing cabinets – cars
  • Lost keys? We can make a new set – safes, cars, home or office
  • Faulty locks repaired / replaced
  • Screen doors
  • We can key doors and windows alike – one key for both
  • Garage doors, opened, rekeyed, faulty locks serviced or replaced
  • High security – “do not duplicate” key systems installed
  • Digital locks – opened, rekeyed, installed

Door furniture – Our Maroubra locksmith installs the following door furniture

Door viewers installed by Link Locksmiths Maroubra – High quality door viewers with wide-angle lenses that provide a wide viewing area for clear and easy identification. Our door viewers include adjustable depth to suit doors ranging in thickness from 35mm to 55mm. If your door is thicker we can couple the door viewer with an extension piece. Different finishes are available including chrome and brass. Most door closers offer a viewing angle of up to 160 degrees; ours exceed the standard providing a 200-degree viewing area. Would you like a wide angle door viewer installed? Live in Maroubra or Kingsford? Call our locksmith hotline to book one of our tradesmen.

Door vents – stylish aluminium door vents can be installed to any solid core door between 33 and 45mm. We commonly install these in commercial environments as it helps the ducted air-conditioning flow.

Doorstops – different styles are available including half moon, cushion stop, and plunger style. A plunger style doorstop is activated and released by foot, which is convenient, as you don’t have to unhook the door by hand as with hook door holders, making them easier to use. These are common in commercial environments, such as in restaurants and bars, where doors need to be held open. We stock industrial grade plunge stoppers. Need a plunge stopper installed? Call us now to book an experienced locksmith to your Maroubra or Kingsford home or office

Door restrictors – Is there a door in your house that is prone to getting caught in a draft of wind being forced open against its hinges? If so we have a product that is designed to prevent damage to the door, door frame and hinges. It is solid construction makes it suitable for use on heavy doors too.

Are you locked out in need of an emergency Locksmith Maroubra? Call us now for rapid response and professional service. We offer service on demand and solutions that make sense. Damage free gain entry is our guarantee.

Flush bolts installed by Link Locksmiths Maroubra – designed for securing double doors they affix one of the doors into the ground and doorframe so that the other door can be used for entry and exit. Flush bolts sit flush in the door, either in the fascia or side, offering a neater appearance when compared to barrel bolts and they are also easier to operate. The action to lock or unlock a flush bolt is smoother than that of a barrel bolt. Flush bolts can be fitted to timber or aluminium doors. Our locksmith’s can also fit an automatic flush bolt which will activate each time the door is closed. If the flush bolts on your doors and damaged and need replacing then give us a call, our locksmith’s service Maroubra and Kingsford.

Panic bolts – offer the same principal of securing a double door but are a visual form of fixing. Face mounted to the door.

Hinge bolts – If you have a door that has loose pin hinges we can make it more robust and help it sit solid by installing a hinge bolt. A hinge bolt is suitable for both timber and aluminium door frames and helps distribute the weight of the door over a wider load, alleviating strain on the hinges. It also increases the security. Did you know our locksmith can also install hinge bolts on gates aswell? Whether it’s a gate or door that needs attention, if you live in Maroubra or Kingsford then why not give us a call, we can help.

Kick plates – they are designed for commercial environments to prevent the door being damaged from shopping trolleys, forklifts etc. Installed to the bottom of the door and constructed of stainless steel they will aid in longer door life.

Push pull sets installed by Link Locksmiths Maroubra – constructed of stainless steel, these are designed for installation on public toilets and double doors in a commercial environment. Various sizes available for installation.

Panic bars – We supply and install top, bottom and or side latching, surface mounted, panic bars. When it comes to fire doors we have fire law compliant, cost effective, high security solutions available including panic bolts which are a budget version that comply with regulation. Fire laws dont vary from council to council, they are the same whether you live in Maroubra, Kingsford, Tamarama or Potts Point. Our locksmith will run you through all available locking devices, including the legal and cost effective methods.

Stainless steel wrap around plates – designed to secure a door that has been attacked. Wraps around the damaged part of the door adding strength and reinforcement. We repair damaged doors, cheaper than the cost of having a new door put on.

Blocker plates – designed to be used to protect the latch from being pried back incase of crow bar attack. Suitable for outward opening doors and recommended to be installed to fire doors. We also stock designs that resist latch attacks on inward opening doors. All blocker plates incorporate high security fixing using dome head nuts. If you have a commercial premises in Maroubra or Kingsford that you think may be a target, then why not have our locksmith come out and install a blocker plate. It is a visual deterrant that provides that extra resistance to a latch attack.

Door closers – featuring adjustable closing and latching speed we stock a range to suit all applications from screen doors to heavy duty commercial, both fire rated and standard.

Call us now we are the professional and experienced master licenced locksmiths servicing Maroubra for all your lock and key needs. If you need fast service after hours we have a dedicated technician that services Maroubra and surrounding suburbs so we can offer you quick service. Lost key replacement available from our 24 hour Locksmiths Maroubra anytime

Security tip from your Maroubra Locksmiths: Install a restricted key system to your commercial premises