Borg 5000 Series

The 5000 series of access control is designed for medium to heavy-duty applications and is fitted with large handles, with rubber padding, for comfortable operation, making it a choice suitable for nursing homes, hospitals and similar environments.

It is offered in a variety of different configurations including a model designed to work with a wide range of panic devices – that is the Borg 5008. This lock can be installed on fire escapes.

The Borg 5000 series is a versatile range suitable for banks, hospitals, nurseries, schools, fire escape doors (5008 model) universities, boats (internal usage) and more.

The configurations that the 5000 series is available in includes:

  1. keypad and handle on outside with deadlocking latch
  2. keypad and handle outside with mortice lock
  3. keypad both sides with latch
  4. keypad both sides with mortice lock
  5. same as above but with exterior knob instead of handle.

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One advantage of having the keypad installed in conjunction with the mortice lock is that the door can be deadlocked with a key so that people trying to gain access using the code won’t be able to open the door. This offers an extra level of access control without the need of having to recode the lock each time you want a room cordoned off. The keyway is also rekeyable.

The configuration that uses just a latch is still a good option in regards to security, as the latch is deadlocking, however to keep people out of a room, unlike the configuration above, you will have to recode the lock, which means the lock has to be taken off the door each time.

For this reason we recommend that the latch version be installed in residential scenarios and the mortice lock version in commercial environments as the requirement to control access in a commercial environment is more frequent than it is in residential.

Where tighter access control is required, that is from both sides, a version is available that includes back-to-back keypads. This set up is available with either the mortice lock or latch. The mortice lock set up is available in a standard 60mm backset.

Several features cleverly built into the 5000 series include a clutching handle or knob that channels force away from the lock minimizing both damage to the lock and the possibility forced entry. When forced the handle will spin freely once a certain amount of pressure is exerted. These locks also have a passage option inbuilt, so in the case of a busy environment such as the front door to a business, the handles can be set to free for convenient and easy access.

The construction includes stainless steel components for longevity and is backed up with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

The buttons are larger than those on the 2000, 3000 and 4000 series and measure 10 x 11mm so that the elderly and disabled can operate this lock with a greater level of ease. This makes it a suitable access control device for nursing homes and hospitals.

The 5000 series comes in four different finishes, satin chrome, polished chrome, polished brass, satin stainless and can be mixed and matched with several different handle designs.