Borg Electronic and Biometric

The range of Borg access control devices that we install and service also include higher security versions such as electronic keypad and biometric access control.

When we install locks from the 7000 series the main advantage over other electronic locks is that they don’t require hard wiring. We wont need to hard wire them to an external power source so that saves time on the installation, making for a relatively economical way to enjoy the extra security benefits of electronic access control.

The locks are powered by batteries, which last a long time.

Intelligent memory means the code is retained when the batteries run out, put new batteries in and the lock will function with the same code.

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Our round the clock service includes domestic and automotive gain entry as well as rekeying and making keys. Need a professional 24 hour locksmith Sydney? Call for a fast response.

Key override is built into the 7000 series so that if the keypad does not work the lock can still be activated.

An advantage of using electronic access control is that the lock can be recoded on the door, especially convenient in a commercial environment where code changes can be a frequent requirement.

At the time of installation we will teach you how to change the code and add and delete users. This lock also allows for up to 31 different codes. This enables you to allocate different codes to different people. If you want to deny access to a certain individual only just disable his or her code via the keypad. This is a refined level of access control that the mechanical locks are unable to offer.

Features also include permanent clutching; the handle won’t engage the latch until the correct code has been entered, stainless steel components and free passage mode – deal for busy commercial environments.

We also offer electronic access control solutions that can deliver reports on activity, including how often a certain user entered a room and at what times.

At the highest spectrum of security in stand-alone electronic locks access in controlled with biometric technology.

The 9000 series uses the security of fingerprint recognition technology to control access, the tightest form of security, as there is no chance of an access code being passed onto unauthorized employees

Should the electronics fail to recognize the fingerprint being presented to the lock, then a key override feature enables the lock to be activated from outside (free on the inside) until we can get there to replace the lock or repair the fault.

It is manufactured of high quality components including stainless steel and includes the highest form of security by using the permanently clutched handle that does not engage the latch until a correct fingerprint has been presented.

The high-resolution scanner ensures a stringent level of access control guaranteed. The lock includes quick recognition and access to authorized persons.