Borg 6000 Series

The 6000 series offers more intelligent security features.

Designed for medium to heavy-duty usage in both residential and commercial applications.

The first difference lies in the operation of the lock. Unlike the models mentioned above, in which the code can be entered in any order, the 6000 series requires a sequential code for successful operation, which makes it harder to manipulate the lock.

The handle is a clever design that is permanently clutched. It does not even engage the latch until the correct code is entered, so trying to force the handle won’t exert pressure on the locking mechanism. We recommend this lock be installed where vandalism or misuse is expected.

The manufacture of this lock includes weatherproofing making it suitable for use outdoors, excellent for external gates, however we don’t recommended this lock be installed in a marine environment, such as jetty’s or boat sheds. We would use marine grade digital locks in these circumstances

The slim line design of the 6000 series works on an upward action, which makes this model suitable for use with multiple point locking systems