Borg 2000 Series

The Borg brand offers a wide range of mechanical and digital access control locking solutions that suit both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Their extensive range begins with the 2000 series of mechanical locks, which is at the entry level of Borg access control.

The 2000 series covers a range of different functions including configurations such as:

  1. mechanical keypad outside, passage mode on inside
  2. Mechanical key pad on outside, passage mode on inside plus holdback feature and
  3. Keypad both sides to control access in both directions. The backset comes as 60mm standard but can be ordered in either 50mm or 70mm.

An important feature of the 2000 series is that it is very user friendly and like most other series in the Borg range the access code can be entered in any order.

These locks have also been designed so that the customer is able to recode the locks themselves, saving on the cost of having to call a locksmith out to change the combination. This is ideal for a commercial situation; when an employee leaves you can recode the lock yourself to prevent unauthorized access.

The 2000 series is designed for residential and commercial, low volume internal usage. These locks are not suitable for outdoor usage especially in marine situations. Borg manufactures a range of weather resistant and marine grade locks specifically outdoor applications and marine environments.

Security features offered by the 2000 series include thousands of different possible combinations from a 12-digit keypad, an anti thrust latch to resist attack and automatic locking. Automatic locking is a feature that can be found throughout their entire range and it means you won’t need to enter a code to lock the door. Once the door latches the keypad locks automatically eliminating the possibility of forgetting to lock the door.

Borg offers a 5-year guarantee on the 2000 series.

The Codestar range of Borg access control locks offers the same functions as the 2000 series but are manufactured to a higher level of durability and offer a lifetime warranty.

The construct of the Codestar range of locks includes the use of high quality premium grade parts including stainless steel, which makes for longer lock life and durability.

Codestar range is weather proof although not of marine grade manufacture, so installations that expose these locks to regular outdoor conditions are ok. For installations by the sea we recommend using Borg’s marine grade level of access control.

These locks are tested to 100,000 cycles whereas the 2000 series are tested to 50,000. We recommend the Codestar version as it offers dependable usage for a longer period of time.

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